Tips for September 2023

August 31, 2023 6:15 am Published by

At the end of the month cut down Asparagus foliage.

Plant Spring flowering bulbs (except tulips) by the end of this month.

Plant Autumn onion sets 2cm deep in drills 5-10 cm apart.

Autumn lawn care can begin this month if the grass is growing strongly. Scarifying (raking out thatch), aerating (spiking), top dressing and reseeding will improve the health and appearance of lawns.

Continue to protect brassicas from cabbage caterpillars with a covering of fine mesh held away from foliage. Check regularly and pick off any caterpillars you find.

Summer flowering Jasmine is pruned back to a strong new side shoot below the flowered stems. Completely remove any weak or congested stems to encourage new growth.

Bring house plants inside that have spent the summer outdoors, before it gets too chilly for them.

Plant spring cabbage and spring greens into their final growing position (mid Sept to mid Oct).

September is a good time to take semi-ripe cuttings. A large range of plants can be propagated this way including Hebes, Privet, Heater and Viburnums.

Clean birdbaths out with a mild detergent to help prevent the spread of disease.