Tips for November 2023

October 31, 2023 4:41 pm Published by

Plant tulips this month. Plant to 2 or 3 times the bulbs depth, but much deeper is fine if you are are layering them in pots. Protect the pots with wire mesh covering if squirrels visit your garden.

Reduce the watering regimes on houseplants. Most need less water at this time of the year.

Start winter pruning apple and pear trees.

Plant bare-root roses as they become available this month, unpack mail order plants promptly and soak before planting if the roots are dry.

Prune grapevines after leaf fall but before the end of December to avoid bleeding of sap. Remove side branches back to 2 buds.

Remove yellowing foliage around winter crops such as brussel sprouts and kale and keep the area free of weeds. Taller plants may need staking to prevent wind damage. Cover winter brassicas with netting to prevent pigeons eating them.

Cleaning out bird boxes now will encourage birds to use them as winter roosts and make it more likely they will nest there come spring. Clean bird feeders and bird baths to prevent the spread of avian pox.

Lay new turf on prepared ground this month as long as it is not saturated with rain or frozen.

Sow mustard cress, coriander or pea shoots in pots on a warm window sill, to use in winter salads or garnishes.

Blackcurrant fruit best on newer wood, so cut out a quarter to a third of the oldest, woodiest stems and any weak or damaged ones.