Tips for June 2024

May 28, 2024 9:36 am Published by

To encourage plenty of embryo figs, which will ripen next year, pinch or prune off the tips of new fig growth at the end of the month, once shoots have set five leaves.

Spray the trunks of tree ferns regularly to keep the fronds luxuriant and stop them drying out in warm, dry weather.

Tender plants started off indoors such as aubergines, courgettes, sweet corn, squashes and tomatoes can be hardened off carefully and planted outdoors this month.

Prune gooseberries, redcurrants and white currants by shortening this years new growth (green stems) back to five leaves.

Harvest early potatoes when flowers open or flower buds drop. Tubers are ready when they are the size of hens eggs.

Sweet corn relies on the wind for pollination so to increase the chance of success plant out young plants in a block of several short rows, spacing plants plants around 40cm apart.

Move citrus plants and orchids outside for summer once the risk of frost has passed. Harden them off gradually, over one or two weeks by placing them outdoors during the daytime only to acclimatise.

Give container plants a regular high-potassium liquid feed now they are actively growing. It will keep them looking healthy and help flower displays last longer.

Most of us love butterflies but their caterpillars, especially cabbage white cause severe damage to brassicas. Protect by covering with fine insect proof mesh.

Keep feeding and tying in sweet peas frequently cutting an dead heading will provide you with more flowers.