Tips for Sept 2021

August 29, 2021 10:16 am Published by

Plant spring flowering bulbs such as Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinths and Muscari. Plant Tulips in November to reduce problems with tulip fire.

At the end of the month cut down Asparagus foliage.

Autumn lawn care can begin this month if the grass is growing strongly. Scarifying (raking out thatch), aerating (spiking) top dressing and reseeding will improve the health and appearance of lawns.

Plant Autumn onion sets 1″ deep in drills 2-4″ apart.

Dry herbs such as Thyme, Oregano, and Bay for use during Autmn and Winter.

September is a good time to take semi-ripe cuttings. A large range of plants can be propagated this way, including Hebes, Privet, Heathers and Vibunums.

While Pumpkins and Squash are ripening, place boards or tiles under them to prevent the bases rotting. After harvesting, allow their skins to harden (cure) in the sun. This curing helps prolong storage.

Plant spring cabbage and spring greens (mid-September to mid-October). Cover with fine mesh but held away from foliage.

Continue to liquid feed patio plants and hanging baskets with a high potassium formulation, such as tomato fertiliser.

Cut back, lift and divide summer-flowering herbaceous perennials. Replant or pot up divisions as soon as possible and water well.