Tips for October 2018

October 1, 2018 12:59 pm Published by

Last month to plant spring cabbage. Plant them close together (easier to protect with cover from frost). Harvest every other cabbage as spring greens, allowing the remaining plants to grow to full size.

Plant spring flowering bulbs, except tulips which should be planted in November to avoid the risk of Tulip Fire.

Reduce height of Lavatera, Buddleia and Sambuccus by a third to avoid wind rock. Prune further in the spring.

Shred fallen leaves with a mower and add them to the compost heap for quicker decomposition.

Apply barrier glue or grease bands to apple and pear tree trunks to prevent winter moth climbing the trees.

Divide perennials such as Bergenia, Hardy Geraniums and Phlox.

Cut down stems of asparagus and jerusalem artichoke to just above ground level as their foliage yellows.

Move tender plants indoors to prevent frost damage but first check plants for pests such as red spider mite.

If you have mature Ivy in your garden, do not prune it between now and late winter, as the flowers are a valuable source of late season nectar and the berries are loved by garden birds.

Scarify, spike and top dress the lawn. This is normally carried out in September, however with the exceptional weather gardeners were advised to wait until this month.