Tips for November 2020

October 29, 2020 12:42 pm Published by

Plant tulip bulbs for spring flowers. Plant to a depth of 6″.

Start winter pruning of apple and pear trees.

Net winter crops, such as brussels sprouts and kale. Make sure the netting is tightly secure and not resting on the plants.

Sow broad beans outside for over wintering. To avoid frost damage, cover seedlings when germinated.

Plant new rhubarb crowns, space them 39″ apart. Divide established crowns. Lift complete crown and split into sections with a spade. Do not use the middle of the crown.

Cut down and cover in mulch Dahlias and Cannas, or lift and over winter frost free.

Seeds of Dill, Chives and Parsley can be sown now and grown on a sunny windowsill.

Plant bare root roses as they become available this month. Unpack mail-order plants and soak before planting if the roots are dry.

To obtain this years problems with seeds obtain catalogues now and place your orders.

Fruited canes of Blackberries and hybrid berries, such as Tayberries and Loganberries, should be pruned to ground level.