Tips for November 21

November 1, 2021 9:59 am Published by

Plant tulips this month. Plant to two or three times the bulbs depth. Protect with wire mesh covering if squirrels visit your garden.

Start winter pruning apple and pear trees.

Fruited canes of Blackberries, Tayberries and Loganberries should be pruned to ground level.

Plant bare-root roses as they become available this month. Unpack mail order plants promptly and soak before planting if the roots are dry.

Japanese Maples require little pruning but if needed, it should be done now. Prune to a well placed side branch without leaving a stub as this can result in die back.

Prune grapevines after leaf fall but before the end of December to avoid bleeding of sap.

Reduce watering and feeding house plants.

Plant rhubarb crowns, space them 36″ apart. Do not harvest for the first two years.

Take hard wood cuttings from soft fruit bushes, including Gooseberries, Black/Red/White Currants. Fruit trees such as Figs and Mulberries can also be propagated in this way.

Check Pansies and Violas for downy mildew and leaf spots, destroy infected material.