Tips for November 2018

October 17, 2018 8:32 am Published by

Plant tulip bulbs.

Plant new rhubarb crowns. Space them 39″ apart. Lift and split established plants. Only use outer edge of crown.

Prune deciduous trees and shrubs. Remove dead, diseased and damaged wood and improve their shape if necessary.

Ensure brassicas are netted against pigeons. Cabbage white caterpillar damage is no longer a threat so fleece is not necessary.

Prune acers now rather than late spring to avoid the risk of bleeding sap.

Sow broad beans in pots or trays to overwinter in unheated greenhouses or frames. These can be planted out next March.

Garlic appreciates a spell of cold, frosty weather.If you garden on a sandy or free draining soil it is possible to plant over wintering garlic. If not plant next February.

Plant bare root roses as they become available this month. Unpack mail order plants promptly and soak before planting if the roots are dry.

Clear out bird boxes of old nesting materials so they can be used as winter roosts.

Protect containers from frost damage with bubble wrap and raise them on pot feet to help prevent water logging over winter.