Tips for Nov 19

October 30, 2019 9:41 am Published by

Prune Acers now rather than in late spring to avoid the risk of bleeding sap.

Plant tulips for spring flowering.

Prune apple and pear trees between now and early March, apply winter wash.

Plant raspberry canes in well manured soil (18-24″ apart).

Bring in Begonias, Cannas, Dahlias and other tender plants once foliage yellows, store tubers frost free.

Plant new rhubarb crowns and divisions of established plants. Space 40″ apart.

Avoid cutting grasses and other perennials with seed heads attractive to insects and birds.

Sow broad beans fro over-wintering.

Order new catalogues as they become available.

Prune grapevine after leaf fall but before the end of December to avoid bleeding of sap.