Tips for May 2023

May 1, 2023 8:22 am Published by

If your clumps of daffodils did not flower well this spring, bulbs could be too congested. Once the foliage begins to yellow is a good time to dig up clumps, divide into smaller clumps and replant at a depth of three times the bulbs height.

Earth up potatoes by drawing soil around developing plants, using a draw hoe or a spade.

Harvest rhubarb from established crowns as stalks reach 23-30 cms pull (do not cut) stalks, taking no more than half at anyone time.

Sow outdoors herbs grown as annuals, such as basil, parsley, dill, coriander and chervil.

Pot grown Cannas and Dahlias can be hardened off gradually, ready for planting out once frosts have passed.

To keep Raspberry plants in bounds, pull or dig out new canes that emerge away from the original rows of plants.

After flowering has finishes, prune Clematis Montana. If you have plenty of room to let it scramble, just give a light tidy up. If space is short, don’t be afraid to cut it back as far as you need to.

Thin seedlings of vegetables direct sown last month, including beetroot, spring onions and spinach.

Feed lawns with a high-nitrogen spring/summer fertiliser. Use a hand operated spreader to disperse evenly.