Tips for May 2020

April 27, 2020 7:27 am Published by

Continue to earth up potatoes until June.

Lift and divide overcrowded daffodil clumps. Gently separate offsets from parent plants and replant immediately.

Plant out young brussel sprouts, leeks and celery until June.

Inspect gooseberries regularly for signs of damage by sawfly larvae. Pick of by hand or apply an insecticide.

Pot grown Cannas and Dahlias can be hardened off gradually, ready for planting out once frosts have passed.

Water newly planted trees and shrubs. A bucket every 4 days unless there is prolonged rainfall.

Finish planting summer bulbs such as Gladioli. Plant the corms 6″ deep on a handful of sharp grit for good drainage.

Start harvesting Asparagus from established plants. Cut shoots at the base with a sharp knife at a slant.

Feed strawberries with tomato fertiliser every week or two.

Harvest rhubarb from established crowns as soon as stalks reach 12″. Pull stalks do not cut.