Tips for March 2023

February 27, 2023 11:26 am Published by

Prune the colourful stems of shrubby Cornus and Salix this month or next. Coppicing is a popular technique and involves taking all stems back to 5-7cm from the ground, or to last years stubs annually.

Sow indoors or in the greenhouse, to plant out later, seeds of brussel sprouts, cabbage, celeriac, early leeks, lettuce, onions and peas.
Prune winter Jasmin (Jasminum Nudiflorum) after flowering. Cut back flowered growth to strong young shoots and prune to 20% of the older stems to just above ground level.

Pinch off daffodil flowers and seed capsules as they fade. Leave stems to die back naturally with the foliage. They both help to feed the bulb for next years flowers.

Plant one year old dormant Asparagus crowns this month. Prepare the trench well before planting by adding well rotted organic matter.
Finish planting fruit trees and bushes before leaf or flower buds burst open.

Prune established Blue Berries now while the rounded, fat fruit buds are distinguishable from the smaller, flatter leaf buds. Blue berries fruit on the previous years growth so prune out up to a quarter of the oldest stems each year to promote fruit full young shoots.

Complete pruning Hyrbrid Tea and Floribunda Roses. Feed afterwards with a general purpose rose fertiliser and mulch with well rotted manure or garden compost.

Start Dahlias stored for winter into active growth. Pot firm healthy looking tubers into 3 litre pots of multicompost, water sparingly and keep frost free.

Remove the top2.5 – 5 cm of old compost from permanent pot plants and top dress with fresh John Innes 3 compost.