Tips for March 2022

February 28, 2022 9:52 am Published by

Deadhead daffodils as the flowers fade. Pinch off flowers and seed capsules. Leave stems to die back naturally with the foliage. This will help to feed the bulbs for next years flowers.

Plant soft neck garlic cultivars such as Picardy Wight, Cristo or Maddock Wight.

Complete rose pruning this month feeding plants afterwards with a general purpose or rose fertiliser and mulching with garden compost or manure.

Plant onion and shallot sets once the soil is workable, in rows allow (2-4ins) between onion sets and (6-8ins) between shallot sets. Plant them so that the bulb tip is just visible above the soil.

Remove the top (1-2ins) of old compost from permanent pot plants and top dress with fresh compost.

Finish pruning fruit trees and bushes before leaf or flower buds burst open.

Spread a layer of well rotted organic matter, ideally about 3 ins thick around plants. Mulching will help to improve soil, suppress weeds, insulate plant roots from temperature changes and conserve moisture in summer.

Prune the colourful stems of shrubby Cornus and Salix this month or next. Coppicing is a popular form of pruning and involves taking all stems back to (2-2 1/2 ins) from the ground or to last stubs annually.

Plant one year old dormant asparagus crowns in well manured trenches. You could sow a variety called Adriane F1. It will provide a light harvest in its first year.

Prune established Blueberries now while the rounded, fat fruit buds are distinguishable from the smaller, flatter leaf buds. Blue berries fruit on the previous years growth so prune out a quarter of the oldest stems each year to promote fruitful young shoots.