Tips for March 2021

March 2, 2021 8:13 am Published by

Lift divide and replant snowdrops as the foliage starts yellowing.

Cover areas of soil with black plastic or black landscape fabric to warm it up before sowing seeds and planting out.

Complete pruning hybrid tea and floribunda roses.

Remove the top 1-2″ of old compost from permanent pot plants and top dress with fresh compost.

Start winter stored dahlias into active growth. Pot firm, healthy looking tubers into 3 litre pots of multipurpose compost, water sparingly and keep frost free.

Sprout or “chit” seed potatoes indoors before planting.

Prune established blueberries now while the rounded, fat fruit buds are distinguishable from the smaller flatter leaf buds. Blueberries fruit on the previous years growth, so prune out up to a quarter of the oldest stems each year to promote fruitful young shoots.

To encourage healthy new growth, tidy strawberry plants now. Remove dead damaged or diseased leaves and old runners.

Plant soft neck garlic cultivars such as Picardy Wight and Solent Wight.

Prune the colourful stems of shrubby Cornus and Salix this month. Cut all stems back (2-3″) from the ground, or to last years stubs, this should be done every year.