Tips for March 2020

March 2, 2020 11:42 am Published by

Complete rose pruning this month, feeding afterwards with a proprietary rose fertiliser and mulching with garden compost or manure.

Plant Asparagus crowns in well manured trenches.

Dead head daffodils as the flowers fade but allow foliage to die back naturally.

Chit potatoes. Place tubers in a single layer on a tray in a cool, frost free place with moderate light. Plant them in early to mid April once a week fine spray of Maxicrop.

Remove the top 1-2 ins of compost from permanent pot plants and top dress with fresh compost.

Start Dahlias into active growth, pot firm healthy – looking tubers into 3 litre pots of multicompost. Water sparingly and keep free of frost.

Cut back perennials you left some protective top growth such as Fuchsia and Penstemons.

Prune the colourful stems of Cornus and Salix this month or next. Cut all stems back 2-2.5 ins from the ground.

Cover areas of soil with black plastic or black landscape fabric to warm up the soil before sowing vegetable seeds and planting out.

Divide summer flowering Herbaceous Perennials, before new growth appears. Do this every four years for best results.