Tips for March 19

February 28, 2019 3:29 pm Published by

Complete rose pruning this month. Feed plants afterwards with a general purpose or proprietary rose feed, mulch with garden compost or manure.

Weed around the base of young fruit trees, by hand to avoid root damage and mulch to conserve soil moisture.

Remove the top 1-2 ins of old compost from permanent pot plants and top dress with fresh compost.

Plant garlic and shallots before the middle of the month. Wait until the end of the month before planting out onion sets.

Dead head daffodils as the flowers fade but allow foliage to die back naturally.

Start dahlias into active growth. Pot healthy firm tubers into 3 litre pots of multipurpose compost. Water sparingly and keep free of frost.

Renovate overgrown climbers such as honey suckle by cutting back as low as 2 ft.

Plant rhubarb and asparagus.

Prune blueberries. Remove a few older stems at their point of origin.

Prepare trenches for runner beans with well rotted compost or manure and shredded paper in the base.