Tips for June 2022

May 20, 2022 11:47 am Published by

Remove flowering shoots on rhubarb.

Cut back any remaining leaves from spring flowering bulbs, once they have started to turn yellow and die down naturally. If they in lawns, mow the foliage when cutting the grass.

Water tomatoes in containers thoroughly and regularly to help prevent blossom end rot.

Remove spent flowerheads from Euphorbias, Pruning flowered stems to ground level or to strong, new ,ow shoots. Wear gloves to protect skin from irritating sap.

Sweet corn relies on the wind for pollination, to increase the chances of success, plant out young plants in a block of several short rows, spacing plants at 40cm (16 in)  apart.

Hang pheromone traps in Apple trees to monitor Codling Moth numbers.

Give container plants a regular high-potassium liquid feed now they are actively growing. Keeps the plants healthy and helps displays last longer.

If practical, remove faded flowers to tidy up Rhododendrons and Camellias, carefully pinching off old flower heads by hand to avoid damaging the new growth behind. This also helps prevent Rhododendrons suffering from bud blast.

To encourage plenty of embryo figs, which will ripen next year, pinch or prune off the tips of new fig growth at the end of the month, once shoots have set five leaves.

Lift early potatoes. Wait until the flowers open on plants, then gently fork around one plant to see if the tubers have reached the size of a hens egg.