Tips for June 2020

June 1, 2020 7:49 am Published by

Plant out sweet corn 16″ apart but in blocks rather than rows as this aids pollination by the wind.

Finish planting Dahlia Tubers 4-6″ deep, in well prepared, enriched beds, or containers of compost.

Remove strawberry runners during the early part of summer to avoid energy being diverted from developing fruit. If you need to increase your stock peg runners into pots.

Now the risk of frost has passed you can move conservatory plants outdoors for the summer.

Water tomatoes in containers thoroughly and regularly to help prevent blossom end rot. Early in the morning or early evening.

Clean and refresh bird baths regularly to help prevent disease.

Plant brussel sprouts, brocolli, cabbage (summer and winter) and cauliflowers. Water regularly in dry weather under the foliage and over the roots.

Last cuttings of Asparagus for 2020 is on 20th June, the longest day. Give the beds a top dressing of fertiliser, mulch with manure compost to build up the crowns for the 2021 harvest.

Remove spent flowers from Camellias and Rhodedendrons. Avoid damage to brittle leaf buds as they emerge just behind the blooms.

Hang pheromone traps in apple trees to monitor codling moth numbers.