Tips for July 2020

June 26, 2020 11:13 am Published by

Thin overcrowded apples, pears and plums. If you do this now it means you will get larger and better quality fruit.

You can delay summer pruning of wisteria to the middle of next month especially the South of  England. This may help avoid the need to repeat the job in late summer. Shorten long, whippy current seasons growth to 5 or 6 leaves.

Continue to harvest summer fruiting raspberries. Once fruiting is finished cut out old fruited canes to ground level and tie in new healthy canes.

Pinch out climbing beans as they reach tops of the supports.

To encourage more blooms on repeat flowering Roses, prune off faded heads regularly. With roses that only flower once, leave them unpruned if you want colourful rosehips later.

When the first early potatoes have flowered you can start harvesting and later in the month second earlies.

With topiary plants of Bay, trimming encourages dense growth and maintains shape. Use secateurs to shorten shoots.

Lift spring planted garlic bulbs promptly once the foliage yellows. Dry in a single layer out in the sunshine, under glass or in a dry well ventilated shed.

Prune early summer flowering shrubs. Cut back flowered growth to a strong flower shoot and thin out up to a fifth of old woody stems.

Sow a late crop of dwarf french beans now and towards the end of the month, Kohlrabi, Pak Choi and other oriental vegetables and spinach for autumn cropping.