Tips for July 2018

July 3, 2018 7:38 am Published by

1. Wisteria is best pruned twice a year to control its size and promote flowering. Summer prune by shortening long whippy current seasons growth to five or six leaves or roughly the length of your forearm.

2. Last month to peg down strawberry runners for stock increase, cut away all unwanted runners.

3. Divide bearded iris. Select young portions of rhizome about 4-6 ins in length with a fan of leaves. Trim the foliage to 6 ins shorten roots and replant at or just below the soil surface.

4. Continue to harvest summer-fruiting raspberries. Once fruiting is finished, cut old fruited canes to ground level and tie in new, healthy, canes to supports 4 ins apart.

5. Regularly replenish birdbaths with water. Clean with mild disinfectant to avoid spreading disease such as birdpox.

6.Stake tomatoes in greenhouse. Continue removing side shoots. Stop plants by pinching out growing tip after the fourth truss has set.

7. Plant sprouting broccoli, cabbage (summer, autumn, winter), calabrese kale and leeks.

8. Keep bedding displays in containers and hanging baskets, looking their best by watering daily during warm dry weather either early in morning or late afternoon. Feed weekly with a high potassium liquid feed.

9. Keep tomatoes evenly mist to help prevent fruit splitting and blossom end rot.

10. Lift first early potatoes and later in the month second early earlies when they produce flowers.

11. Prune earl-summer flowering shrubs such as philadelphus once they finish. Cut back flowered growth to a strong lower shoot and thin out up to a fifth of old, woody stems.

12. “June drop” will have finished by now. Thin out over cropping plums, reduce apples to 1 fruit per spur, pears are self thinning.