Tips for January 22

December 29, 2021 10:33 am Published by

Prune winter flowering Jasminum Nudiflorum once the flowers have faded, thinning and reducing the shrubs size.

Plan a crop rotation system for vegetables. Leave two years before replanting crops in the same place.

Winter prune Wisteria this month or next. Shortening shoots that were pruned last summer to two or three buds from older wood.

Move Christmas flowering daffodils and hyacinths outdoors once blooms have finished. Remove spent flowerheads and feed regularly with a high potassium fertiliser until foliage dies down. Replant in the garden in spring.

Seed potatoes can be chitted from now onwards. Place in trays or boxes. Store in a light, cool, frost-free spot. Spray with a fine mist of Maxicrop diluted. This will encourage shoots.

Pot on autumn sown sweet peas into 3″ pots if the roots are circling in smaller containers. Pinch out tips of autumn sown sweet peas at 1.5 ins.

Cover bare ground with thick black polythene to warm soil before sowing and planting vegetables.

Winter is ideal to prune many deciduous trees. Magnolias are best summer pruned (to avoid dieback and decay of pruning cuts) as are flowering cherries, plums, and almonds (to help avoid silver leaf disease).

For early crops, sow onions, cauliflowers, leeks and lettuce under cover now.

Prune established gooseberry, red and white currant bushes now. Remove dead wood and low lying shoots, then prune side shoots to two buds from their base. Shorten the tips of the main branches by one quarter, pruning to an outward facing bud.