Tips for December 2020

November 25, 2020 9:44 am Published by

Prune grapevines this month to avoid bleeding from pruning cuts which can reduce vigour.

For early tender stems, force rhubarb by covering crowns with a forcer or dark coloured container.

Plant Blueberries in pots of ericaeous compost. Grow two different cultivars to ensue good cross pollination.

Keep flowering Azaleas, Cyclamen and Hyacinths in cool conditions 10 to 15 deg. C to prolong flowering.

Prune Japanese Acers (Acer Palmatum) this month.

Tidy up brassicas by removing yellowing or unhealthy leaves that may harbour pests and diseases.

Clean birdbaths and feeders well and regularly with a garden disinfectant.

In mild dry weather cut lawns if necessary to 2-4cm.

Continue taking hardwood cuttings about 8″ long from deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers.

To keep Euphorbia Pulcherrima (Poinsetta) plants looking good through the Christmas period and beyond, position them in good light away from draughts. Allow the compost to dry out slightly between watering.

Order seeds and seed potatoes now to avoid disappointment in Spring.