Tips for August 2022

July 31, 2022 9:52 am Published by

Carry out a final trim of the year on evergreen hedges this month.

Summer fruiting raspberry canes can now be cut right down to ground level. Select 6-8 re3maing strong young canes from each plant. Tie them in 8-10cm apart along the wire supports for fruiting next summer.

Summer prune Wisteria by cutting back the whippy green shoots of the current years growth to 5 or 6 leaves. Pruning helps to encourage flower buds to form.

Even if your lawn looks dry and brown there is no need to water. Healthy turf will recover once autumn rain arrives and you will be saving valuable water.

Consider growing green manure in empty beds through winter. They will protect the soil from rain erosion and reduce nutrient loss. Crimson Clover or Vetch will over winter and in spring can be dug in.

To keep rambling roses manageable and flowering well, thin out one in three of the oldest stems, tie in new shoots and shorten side shoots by two thirds.

Plant strawberry beds with well rooted runners from healthy established plants and order new virus certified free plants.

Cut established perennial wildflower meadows. Leave the clippings on the ground for a few days to give the wild life a chance to seek shelter and to encourage self seeding, then remove and compost.

Now is the time to prune apples and rears trained as espaliers or cordons. Shorten new shoots (laterals) longer than 20cm to 3 leaves from their base and those growing from side shoots to one lead above.

Plan next years spring flowering bulb displays. Bulbs become available to order or to buy in garden centres this month.