Tips for August 2021

July 31, 2021 12:50 pm Published by

Lightly trim lavender after flowering, remove spent flower heads.

Fruited canes of summer fruiting raspberries can now be cut right down to ground level. Select six to eight remaining strong young canes from each plant and tie them in 3-4″ apart along the wire supports for fruiting next summer.

Lift spring sown and spring planted onions and shallots once the foliage yellows and topples over. Dry the bulbs in a single layer in full sun outdoors or in a green house or well ventilated shed, for two weeks before storing.

Mow established summer flowering wildflower meadows at the end of the month once plants have set seed. Leave cuttings in situ for a few days to allow wildlife to find a new home, then remove and compost.

Sow green manures to cover soil that may otherwise remain bare. Green manures reduce weed growth, help prevent soil erosion and when dug into the ground return valuable nutrients and improve structure. This month is a good time for sowing clover, trefoil, buckwheat and grazing rye.

Summer prune Wisteria by cutting back the whippy gree shoots of the current years growth to five or six leaves. Pruning helps buds to form.

Plant strawberry beds with well rooted runners from health, established plants or order new certified virus free plants.

Stop tomato plants outside when 4-5 trusses have set. Stop cold glass tomatoes when 7-8 trusses have set.

Camellias and Rhododendrons start producing flower buds now, so during dry spells need regular and thorough watering.

Sow onions onions for overwintering, onions for spring onions, spring lettuce and winter spinach.