Tips for August 2020

August 1, 2020 11:18 am Published by

Complete summer pruning of currant bushes. Cut summer fruited raspberry canes down to soil level. Tie in healthy canes for next summer.

Lightly trim lavender after flowering. Remove spent flower heads leaving 1″ of the current seasons growth.

Camellias and Rhodedendrons start producing flower buds mow, so during dry spells need regular and thorough watering.

Consider sowing green manure in empty beds. Through winter they will protect soil from rain erosion and reduce nutrient loss. Crimson Clover or Vetch will over winter and in Spring can be dug in.

Tomatoes should be stopped once they set 4 trusses if outdoors and 6 trusses if under glass.

Sow onions for over wintering plus spring onions, winter spinach and winter salad.

Take cuttings of Penstemons now. Use non flowering shoot tip growth and keep cuttings frost free until spring.

Mow established summer flowering wild flower meadows at the end of the month once plants have set seed.

If more than a quarter of your main crop potato foliage appears blighted, or stem lesions are visible cut growth off at ground level and destroy or burn diseased material. Leave tubers in the ground for two weeks, then lift and store.

Carry out a final trim of the year on evergreen hedges this month.