Tips for August 19

July 29, 2019 1:10 pm Published by

Prune Wisteria, Remove all whippy shoots cutting back to 5 or 6 buds from the main stems.

Keep protective measures against carrot fly until autumn.

Lightly trim Hebes and Lavender after flowering. Remove flower stems and approx 1″ of the new growth.

Prune blackcurrants by removing any branches that have carried fruit this year.

Ensure any winter bedding seeds are sown no later than the beginning of the month. Winter Pansies, Violas and wallflowers.

Reduce side shoots on red and white currants by two thirds.

Plant autumn flowering bulbs such as Colchicum and Amaaryllis.

Complete lifting second early potatoes.

Stop tomato plants outside when 4-5 trusses have set. Stop cold glass house tomatoes when 7-8 trusses have set.

Camellias and Rhododendrums start producing flower buds now, so during dry spells need regular and thorough watering.