Tips for April 2020

April 2, 2020 11:05 am Published by

If you did not prune your Lavender last autumn. do so now, using secateurs or shears to remove spent flower spikes and to shorten growing shoots by around 2.5 cm.

Plant chitted potato tubers this month starting with first earlies through to the main crop at the end of the month.

Prune Chaenomeles and Forsythia after they finish flowering. To keep Forsythia plants neat and ensure a good display next year, cut flowered stems back to a strong new, leafy side shoot and remove one or two of the oldest stems to the base.

Sow vegetables direct, including Beetroots, Carrots, Lettuce, Leeks, Radish, Turnip, Spring Onions, Peas and Perpetual Spinach.

Plant Asparagus crowns in an already prepared trench 15ins wide and 10ins deep. Make a 3in deep ridge at the bottom of the trench. Plant the crowns at 18in intervals on the ridge with the roots sloping outwards. Cover with 2-3in of soil. Do not harvest the spears till the 3rd year.

Remove faded Daffodil and Tulip flowers, leave foliage to die back.

Plant summer flowering Gladioli. Place 1in of sharp sand at the base of prepared spot before you plant the corms.

Renovate evergreen shrubs, if necessary, Escaallonia, Griselinia and Laurus (Bay) all regenerate well.

Apply a spring lawn feed. Combined products containing moss killer, weed killer and fertiliser are best. It is essential to apply evenly by using a hand operated spreader.

Renovate overgrown and badly shaped evergreen shrubs this month. Camellias, Hollies (Ilex),  Eunymus and Laurel (Prunus Laurocerasus and P. Lusitanicia) tolerate pruning to near ground level in one go.

A very good replacement for box which were effected by the moth or blight is Euonymus “Jean Huges”.